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This is where you will find all of our content that is exclusive to ModelFacture. While we source our images from publically accessible locations across the internet, we craft all of the below articles in house, delivering you fresh new content each week! Article comments are powered by Disqus! Please click here to review our commenting policy before you post.

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Profile: Emilie Waters

She may be young but she certain has achieved an abundance and is living the dream. Read about this small town girl and her journey so far. Read it!
Highest paid models in the World

Profile: Erika Linder

She's not your sterortypical feministic model and she makes no apologies for it. Erika Linder has the lens in pursuit and is accomplished galore! Read it!
Profile: Tess Munster

Conceptual Rosie Hardy

Anyone can pick up their phone, take a picture and label themselves as a 'photographer'. What's it really take? Concepts! Rosie Hardy is a prime example. Read it!
Profile: Tess Munster

Highest Paid Models of 2014

Not only did they steal the lime light, walk amoung stars and grace the covers of magazines Worldwide, they also brought home some serious dough while doing it! Read it!
Highest paid models in the World

Profile: Tess Munster

This beautiful plus model overcame the odds after years of harsh criticism and negative opinion. Now she's on top of her game and loving every minute of her success. Go girl! Read it!
Profile: Tess Munster

Profile: Abbey Lee

This 27 year old sensation from the Outback is highly accomplished and expresses herself in more way than just modeling. With prestigious fashion house still knocking, Abbey Lee rules the roost. Read it!
Profile: Abbey Lee

Steampunk: All Geared Up!

It's a popular craze in shooting genre these days and we can see why! It's totally cool, edgy and dusty. Yep, dusty! A look into the gears, goggles and top hats of steampunk. Read it!
Steampunk photoshoots

TV: Model Latina!

This popular NUVO Television show, while on hiatis today, is still one of the best spinoffs of ANTM. Showcasing the race for the crown of 'Model Latina', models from Latin American backgrounds compete to be on top. Read it!
What ever happened to Model Latina?

Med Format: A Togs Perspective

A look into the 'Old School' photography craft of medium format cameras and photography, from the view of photographers who still use it. It's still alive. Watchout all digital Togs! Read it!
Who still shoots Medium format?

The Style of Scott Storch

This music mogul has a style that he owns and shares with few others. You either love it or hate it. Go big with Storch or don't go at all. Read it!
Style of Scott Storch

Profile: Tom Ford

Solely credited with turning around the once failing fashion titan Gucci, Tom Ford is a man who took a path not originally intended but ended up on top. Read it!
Profile: Tom Ford

An Illuminati Link To Modeling?

Some think that aliens from outter space are running the modeling, fashion and entertainment scene. A look into the mind of anti-industry conspiracy theorists. Read it!
A link between modeling and the illuminati?

Kristina Pimenova: Too Young To Model?

The ultra young child from Moscow dubbed 'The prettiest girl in the World' is thought by some to be too young for the modeling scene at 9 years old. Read it!
Kristina Pimenova too young?

Pippa Middleton's Royal Dress

Remember the rump hugging stunning dress that Pippa Middleton doned at her sister Kate's royal wedding? It made quite a media frenzy. The search for who made it. Read it!
Pippa Middleton's Royal Dress

Mens Neckties: The Big Deal

What's the big deal about neckties? Are the worth owning or learning how to tie? The purpose that they serve for today's man. Read!
Are mens neckties really worth it?

How Much Money Models Really Make

This dollar amount is what the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics people want you to believe most models make. Is it really your salary average as a model? Read it!
How much do models get paid?

'Human Barbie' Valeria Lukyanova

This 29 year old Ukrainian model has a bachelor's degree in construction but took the World by storm by transforming herself into a human Barlie Doll. Read it!
Valeria Lukyanova the Human Barbie

The 3 Second Rule For Posing

Models have to learn the incredibly difficult art of keeping their body moving during a shoot but they also need to practice this all important rule. Read it!
The 3 second model posing rule

Review: Fashion Meets Music Festival

The largely self-hyped mega music festival is said to be blended with an equal mix of fashion features. Did any duds make it into the music during year one? Read it!
Review: Fashion Meets Music Festival Columbus, Ohio

Profile: Giorgio Armani

The Italian designer is one of the top fashion designers on the planet but did you know that Armani really wanted to pursue this unrelated profession? Read it!
Profile: Giorgia Armani

Justin Beiber's Hit CK Campaign

The "Beibs" is at it again except this time trying out his modeling skills for Calvin Klein. Read details about his involvement and see the images. Read it!

What's New With Cara Delevingne?

You know her by her silly faces, amazing looks and her uncanny ability to sneak into even the mainstream media. What's Delevingne been up to these days and who's she hanging with now? Read it!

The $2M 'Fantasy' Bra

Each year during their annual fashion show, Victoria's Secret unveils the traditional (and uber-expensive!) 'Fantasy Bra'. See what makes this the talk of the show. Read it!
The Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra

Profile: Terry Richardson

One of the most popular photographers of his time, this superstar lens personality has photographed and has been pictured with some of the World's most famous. Read it!
Terry Richardson Highly Famous and Highly Controverisal

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